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‘Electrosmog’ and ‘Type 3’ Diabetes

June 11, 2010

[BPSDB] Mike Adams, the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’ reports on yet another alleged health problem caused by electrical devices. It would appear they cause diabetes. (more…)

The ‘Health Ranger’ and Our Precious Bodily Fluids

March 2, 2010

[BPSDB] Mike Adams is turning into a parody of himself. If I had read this just about anywhere other than NaturalNews, I would have thought the author was taking the piss. (more…)

Mike Adams Says You And Your Doctor Make You Ill

February 15, 2010

[BPSDB] According to Mike Adams, disease is either your fault or your doctor’s. At least, that is the understanding I get from reading this. There are a few grains of truth in his latest pronouncement but it is padded out with the usual Adams factoids. (more…)

The ‘Health Ranger’ Fails Statistics 101

February 14, 2010

[BPSDB] Mike ‘Health DRanger’ Adams is at it again – this time claiming that being vaccinated increases ones chances of catching the disease. All he demonstrates is that he does not understand simple statistics. (more…)

A Nasty Rant From the ‘Health Ranger’

February 8, 2010

[BPSDB]I cannot be the only person infuriated by the decision of Mike Adams, the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’, to exploit the tragic killing of an eight year old boy to push his agenda. I hope you don’t mind me adding to the criticism but I need to, well, let off steam about it. (more…)

The “Health Ranger” On Nutrition

August 22, 2009

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews and self-styled “Health Ranger” thinks we’re all ignorant when it comes to our health. He writes:- (more…)