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Avoid The “Alkali Diet”

April 3, 2011

The Evening Standard recently carried an article on the “Alkali Diet”. It was full of rubbish and was taken down after a few days after a complaint by a blogger. Since the diet has celebrity endorsement (there is clearly no woo so stupid that some celebrity won’t endorse it) it is bound to turn up elsewhere so I thought I would take a closer look at it. (more…)

A Third Year of Steam

December 28, 2010

[BPSDB]It is almost New Year so I thought I would conduct a review of the major themes of 2010 as covered in this blog. (more…)

The Society of Homeopaths Still Do Not Get It

February 22, 2010

[BPSDB] The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has has recommended that the NHS should no longer fund homeopathy and that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency should ban medical claims on homeopathic remedies. I am not going to blog about that as it has been done already, such as here. What I am going to blog about is the all too predictable head-in-the-sand attitude of the Society of Homeopaths. (more…)

Validating Woo

February 21, 2010

[BPSDB]I recently made a Freedom of Information request to the University of Westminster via the What Do They Know website, for documents relating to the decision to offer the Diploma in Qigong Tuina. These are the documents I received as a result. (more…)

Mike Adams versus the Sceptics

January 26, 2010

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’, has decided to debunk scepticism here. He claims that the views he describes have been pulled from sceptic websites but he gives no links. (more…)