Ten Misconceptions From Natural News

[BPSDB] In another of his rants about conventional medicine Mike Adams gives us ten supposed ‘A-Ha’ moments that should tell us that it does not work:

#1) If mainstream medicine really worked, then drug companies wouldn’t have to commit scientific fraud to fake their clinical trials, would they?

While there is unquestionably poor and possibly fraudulent research, this is by no means representative of pharmaceutical research as a whole. Another, more important point, is that he is conflating the practise of medicine with Big Pharma. Conventional medicine, aka known as evidence-based-medicine (EBM) is based on the not-outrageous notion that there should be evidence supporting the efficacy of a remedy before it is used. Organisations such as the Cochrane Collaboration, which is independent of the pharmaceutical companies, perform meta-analyses of large numbers of trial and have often uncovered the dodgy research and ineffective drugs that Adams is so upset about.

#2) If mainstream medicine really worked, then doctors, drugs companies and the FDA wouldn’t be afraid of competition from nutritional supplements and natural remedies, and they wouldn’t keep trying to censor or outlaw those natural remedies.

As far as I can tell, the FDA is not routinely outlawing nutritional supplements, merely demanding that since medical claims are made for them, evidence should be produced to support such claims. Some “natural remedies” are downright dangerous. Apricot kernals to cure cancer are a quack favourite. Unfortunately, they contain cyanide. Take too many and you won’t die of cancer but…

#3) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies would gladly test their drugs side-by-side with nutritional remedies to see what works best.

Again, he is conflating EBM with Big Pharma. I could also say that this point could equally be directed at the supplement sellers. If they are so sure their nostrums are superior, why do they not do the tests? When you come down to it, the tactics of Big Pharma and Big Quacka are very similar.

#4) If mainstream medicine really worked, health insurance costs would be extremely low. The only reason health insurance costs so much is because mainstream medicine doesn’t cure anybody, and patients stay sick, which costs more money to keep treating!

Health insurance costs so much because the insurance companies want to make nice big fat profits. He might want to think about that before letting his site carry links to a private company trying to entice British patients away from the NHS because this problem does not occur in countries which have state health services.

#5) If mainstream medicine really worked, then all the other countries in the world would be looking at the U.S. health care system and saying, “Wow, we want THAT!”

Again, Adams is conflating EBM with profit-motivated, insurance-company-dominated private medicine. Medics in the European state-run health care services mostly use mainstream medicine.

#6) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies would be out of business because virtually everybody would be healthy and therefore not need drugs on an ongoing basis.

First of all, EBM does not claim to have a cure for all diseases and infirmities. That is left to the alties. Second, even if everything was curable, the cures would still have to be manufactured.

#7) If mainstream medicine really worked, doctors would largely put themselves out of business by teaching patients how to take care of their own health.

One could say exactly the same thing about vitamin sellers.

#8) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies like Johnson & Johnson wouldn’t have to pay kickbacks (bribes) to nursing homes to entice them to push more of their drugs onto helpless senior citizens.

Again, this would appear to be a problem caused by introducing the profit motive into the care of the elderly. The fact that bribes have been paid is not proof that the meds do not work: it proves that one particular company was prepared to use illegal methods to get its product chosen over a rival.

#9) If mainstream medicine really worked, the treatment of teenagers with chemotherapy wouldn’t have to be enforced by court order with the threat of arrest and imprisonment of the parents (as happens in the U.S. today).

The parents were refusing treatment for a teenage-child. If adults refuse treatment for themselves, the courts are not involved.

#10) If mainstream medicine really worked, drug companies wouldn’t need to advertise on television to persuade people to take drugs they don’t need.

Many companies produce their own treatments for the same conditions. They advertise because they want their products chosen rather than those of their rivals.

It is clear that many of the problems that so trouble Adams are a result of the profit motive being introduced into patient care. If he really wanted to mount the barricades to defend patients from profiteering at the expense of their health, he would be campaigning for socialised medicine. He won’t of course. It is even harder for quacks to insinuate themselves in a state run system, as British homeopaths are discovering, now that homeopathic hospitals are being closed and the money spent on remedies that have some evidence that they actually work.

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36 Responses to “Ten Misconceptions From Natural News”

  1. draust Says:

    Jeez – the man is a paranoid nut. As well as being a “loonies’ loony”. Nicely deconstructed.

    • Justin Says:

      Calling someone a loonies loony is just as bad as saying some of the “out there” things on natural news written above. I read natural news daily, and I also work in pharma, so I like to think I have a somewhat balanced point of view.
      Some basic facts- anti-depressants work no better than placebos (there are tons of articles demonstrating this, and even gets mentioned in a handbook my research organization gives out to new employees {on page 2 no less}).
      Vioxx killed over 25,000 people.
      Few seem to realize that even large scale pharma studies still treat people like guinea pigs. If we have 7 billion people in the world, and 10,000 take a new drug, that is not representative of the entire planet (even if we say 3 billion adults, the numbers are still not representative and reflect a tiny percentage of the population- confidence intervals are horsecrap in this respect).
      New drugs are initially tested on animals, then a small group of healthy volunteers, then around 100-500 people for 6 months to a year, then anywhere from 1,000-10,000 for a couple of years. Needless to say, this is a bit crazy considering the long term effects are who knows what. But this is how drugs get approved.
      Read John Abramson’s “Overdosed America”. This is a Harvard MD (not some nut), who actually goes into the data from large scale studies (he is reason Vioxx got pulled from the market, albeit too late). Numbers can easily be manipulated to show data that the drug manufacturers want to show, and they don’t need to publish unfavorable studies (please read that last sentence again, its not BS).
      Natural medicines and plants (anything growing out of the ground) cannot be patented, and therefore will never have a double blind clinical trial to show its effectiveness.
      Having monitoring trials first hand, a doctor does not need to be evil to report appealing data this is not representative of a drug, although there certainly are cases where massive fraud has been found (doctors having nurses urine in the fridge, which gets used instead of the subject in the study).
      That’s the tip of the iceberg just on the pharma side- How about GMOs (thats genetically modified organisms), which are often mentioned on natural news. No safety studies have been done on what is now a major part of our food supply, but I guess thats quackery to speak out against. the FDA blindly declares these are no different from regular organisms (and for those paying attention, there is a sickening revolving door policy where Monsanto executives go to work at the FDA, and the reverse) GMOs are actually banned in over a dozen countries. Oh, and Monsanto, the GMO king lobbied the US congress for somewhere around $10 million dollars last year, but I suppose eating organic foods without pesticides is loony talk as well. Being rational is good, but also knowing all the facts is important, which everything I read denigrating the natural news does not do. They mention a couple of obscure articles, and that apparently is enough to get you folks riled up and calling them loonies.

      Vaccines is another element- in 1986, a federal law was passed so that no matter what the effect (even death), the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued. Tell me thats not crazy, nor how the amount of vaccines has doubled since the 1980s (coincidence?). Are they bad? No. However, giving a newborn a Hep B shot before they leave the hospital is insane, and the additives in the vaccines are usually heavy metals. Again, this is not conspiracy, this is fact. Autism rates have skyrocketed, but I think that has to do more with toxic eating and over-diagnosis. Why is there a chickenpox vaccine, or for that matter a flu vaccine, that gets pushed worse than heroin? Letting your body get sick once in a while is a perfect way to get stronger, but what do I know (I know I haven’t gotten a flu shot since I can remember, and rarely get sick).

      I could go on and on, but will conclude with this- sure, some of what is on natural news is conspiracy based, which I dont deny I like, but a lot of it is very informative and just like any other article, you need to think critically and try to learn everything to make INFORMED decisions. What makes one healthy is good and proper nutrition, mental well being and exercise, that’s it-it is not rocket science. You can say what you will, but most of what I see on natural news is about the politics of food and eating right, not chemtrails or conspiracies. And lets not get started on the ridiculous cancer treatments in the US. Everyone i’ve ever known gets chemo, lives a few years, and then gets the cancer worse and is dead within a decade, but lets keep at it. We should be critical of both natural hucksters and the industry that supposedly wants to help us, yet hasn’t cured a damned thing since Polio. Pharma is a billion dollar business, and telling people to eat right and take care of themselves would only profit humanity, but I must be a loon

      • anon Says:

        This is the internet. Anyone can claim to be anything so you’re “credentials” are suspect to say the least. At any rate, you’re right about plants never being patented. Say, how’s Monsanto doing?…

  2. Zack Davies Says:

    Great post. However, alt-health nuts are keen on saying “It’s a myth that apricot kernels contain cyanide”…since, clearly, containing a compound that releases cyanide when ingested is so much safer. So if you say “Eating apricot kernels releases cyanide into your system”, you’re on ground they can argue with less.

    • anon Says:

      Semantics. Cyanide is an element. The kernels do in fact contain cyanide. You’re giving their bs argument too much credit. Like saying a wheel that flies off a car doesn’t have a tire on it until the tire is separated.

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  4. Neuroskeptic Says:

    “If mainstream medicine really worked, then all the other countries in the world would be looking at the U.S. health care system and saying, “Wow, we want THAT!”

    Because doctors in other countries are all Mike Adams approved woo-sters, I suppose, and only America has a pharma industry or EBM.

    So in other words we can add “Ignorant of the world outside his doorstep” to the list of Health Ranger faults (if there’s room left on the page)

  5. Steve Packard Says:

    While I liked the post in general, there’s one area I can’t agree with entirely.

    “Health insurance costs so much because the insurance companies want to make nice big fat profits. He might want to think about that before letting his site carry links to a private company trying to entice British patients away from the NHS because this problem does not occur in countries which have state health services. ”

    That’s not entirely true. Sure, profits do account for a portion of insurance costs, but that’s not the whole story. Even mutual insurance plans, which are non-profit and owned by the policy holders are not dirt cheap. Even in European countries, where there are state-run healthcare systems, it’s still not cheap. State-run programs pay many billions for the care and even still, procedures that are not entirely covered can be expensive.

    There are also extreme cases, where care is so expensive that it has to be rationed or there are procedures that are considered beyond the standard coverage of programs.

    It’s not as simple as blaming the whole thing on profit. That’s, at best, a complete oversimplification and just scapegoats the current dislike of big companies.

    The fact of the matter is that medicine can be very expensive by its very nature. Medicine is a science and many lifesaving procedures are cutting-edge, state of the art and push the limits of what we can do technically.

    There’s just no way that proton beam therapy is going to be cheap. You’re talking about a massive machine, cooled with liquid helium, utilizing super powerful magnets, high voltage, precision ion beams, collimators, specialty materials, high power computers to just name a few.

    The same is true (to a lesser extent) for things like MRI’s, radiation therapy systems, 3D ct-scans, PET scans, implants made of exotic titanium alloys, robot-assisted brain surgery.

    I don’t care what country you’re in, there are many life saving procedures that are inherently expensive. Not to mention the fact that doctors are highly educated people who rightfully expect to be paid pretty damn well.

    I’m sorry if this bothers some people, but the fact of the matter is that when they build a tiny pulsed, Q-switched, narrow beam, variable argon ion laser that also includes a high definition camera and then shove it five feet into your colon to vaporize pre-cancerous polyps the bill for the procedure is not going to be five bucks!

  6. Fleur Says:

    What a bunch of ignorant bullshit. Natural cures have worked for thousands of years, why would they suddenly stop working just because this is the 21st century? And why does all this evidence-based medicine never cure shit? Wheres are cancer cure we been looking for 35 years now?

    And who needs evidence when something works? Its because of people like that civilization is coming to a slow end. Our prehistoric ancestors were much healthier (though they usually died of acute problems instead of our degenerative disease) and better off than the stupid, ignorant, blind people of today.

    And I suppose next your going to say High Fructose Corn Syrup is good for?

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Our prehistoric ancestors were usually dead by the time they were 40. Wheras thanks to evidence based medicine I’m alive and in good health in my 50s.

      Just for the record: fructose is a natural sugar. Just goes to show not everything natural is good eh?

      • healthcontrarian Says:

        What is wrong with you people on this site defending western health care, big pharma, and factory farmed and over processed foods. Just looking for a fight, to create an issue where there is none??? Ignorance abounds!! jaycueaitch, FYI, HFCS and fructose are two completely different “foods”!! Anon, do your research and spend an hour looking into Monsanto, they are truly an evil, excessive profit based company, riddled with ex-government board members hiding behind the guise of “feeding the starving world”!! As far as “natural” cures are concerned, the two oldest medicinal practices in this world, Ayurvedic or the practice of medicine in India, and TCM, the practice of medicine in China are thousands of years old, and because of those medical philosophies,( and to put it much too simply) are much healthier populations, have much better across the board average life spands, mortality rates, infant mortality rates and a far lower number of their population “infected” with the western world’s, namely The United States, worst epidemic, degenerative disease!

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Odd how ‘Western’ medicine has doubled life expectancy in Europe.

    • anon Says:

      The word “ignorant” implies a lack of knowledge and let’s be honest, that word itself is only used by the trashiest, truly most “ignorant” Americans. Natural cures have not worked for thousands of years. You just made that up. You have no proof whatsoever to back up that claim do you? Or does that comment come from your work in the field of archeology? Biology? Physiology? Nutrition? Natural History? Surely you have some qualifications or evidence to make such a comment…

  7. Fleur Says:

    Also what do you mean by evidence-based medicine? Where exactly is the evidence? I hope its not that pseudo-science fiction experimentation on animals cause thats just a bunch of mythic hogwash. Humans and animals are very different from each other and cannot produce accurate enough evidence on any medicine. So in that sense conventional medicine is also quackery. It is unsafe to be released to the public.

    Personally, I’d rather take natural herbs and minerals than a bunch of toxic man-made chemicals called pharmaceuticals. They almost have more side affects than benefits. I’d almost think it would be better to die from cancer naturally than to go through painful damaging chemotherapy. Hell, thats what I’d do if I couldn’t get access to natural health (though all you have to do is alkalinize your body).

    And are you against people curing themselves through diet as well? And why the heck are you people so against alternative health anyway? Do you really want to go through chemotherapy or get cut on in surgery? I don’t know why anyone would want that.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Evidence as in randomised double-blind trials. Modern pharmaeceuticals have to undergo human tests for efficacy and side effects before they can go into use.

      If you really would rather die of cancer than use modern medicine, then you are a fool. As it is, you’re just being offensive.

    • trxsta Says:

      News flash Fluer – plants and minerals are chemicals! Marijuana, a naturally growing plant, contains chemicals (THC). Tea contains naturally occurring chemicals – polyphenels. Just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it isn’t toxic, a chemical and bad for you! Also pharmaceutical companies use many naturally occurring, plant-based chemicals for medication. As jaycueaitch rightly says, your comments are offensive, as well as misinformed.

      You live in a privileged society with the luxury of scientifically-proven medicine at your disposal. Many people in developing nations, without adequate healthcare, would give anything for the cancer treatment you ignorantly dismiss. Perhaps if you could see someone with advanced, untreated cancer, you would understand how lucky you are to have access to chemotherapy and surgery. While both options carry risks, and are not perfect solutions to cancer, I’ll take them any day over changing my diet.

  8. Evette Says:


    Yeah, but our prehistoric ancestors had a much higher quality of life than we do today. Just look at all the shit we have to deal with! (dying economy, bills, car repairs, corrupt government, etc.) Think of all this stress contributing to disease.

    Maybe I do sound too fanatical. Do you really take pharmaceuticals and are perfectly healthy because of it? Really I don’t know too much about what they do in conventional medicine. But I do know theres thousands of tried and true natural health cures. Just look at the Chinese (or India) medicinal practices that have existed for thousands of years. And plenty have people have said that natural medicine cured their ills (a few were cancer patients). Maybe this approach isn’t for everyone as it does take a lot of self-control but the people it does work on have had amazing results.

    And High Fructose Corn Syrup is not natural fructose. Its the over-processed refined kind of fructose sugar that is contributing to the childhood obesity rates of today.

    • anon Says:

      Yes, cite the Mercola quack to support the Adams quackery. Are you really that stupid? Prehistoric ancestors with a higher quality of life? I guess so with all our terrible electricity, air conditioning, clothing, shoes, blankets, mattresses, pillows, soap, hot indoor water, toilets, entertainment, easy and fast conveyance, delicious treats and candy, ice, refrigeration, access to information, general knowledge (your ilk excluded obviously), antibiotics, prosthetics, fireworks, fingernail clippers, abundant food supply, and on and ob and on. Jeez already. BTW, fructose is a chemical compound. All fructose is identical at the chemical level. Your body knows no different, despite what your vast formal education has taught you. LOLOLOLOLOL

  9. Fleur Says:

    And the real reason people are living longer is actually do to the invention of soap not drugs. Throughout history diseases were man-made such as when people in medieval ages lived in small-cramped urban areas that were easily made dirty by pouring waste into streets and bad sanitary habits but today with the invention of cleansers and body wash this would’ve been rendered obsolete.

    Oh, and heres another scientific database for natural health: http://www.naturaldatabase.com

    You do seem to be ignoring me on some points so it makes me suspicious. Would you deny that diet can cure people’s illnesses? Cause theres no doubt that the Standard American Diet of dairy products and processed crap is throwing America down the drain. Though of course other countries have bad diets, too, but as usual we seem to be the worst…

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Some illnesses are caused by poor diet, true. Hence those illnesses can be prevented (and sometimes cured) by improving diet. That is not to say that all illnesses can be so cured. Nor does it mean that we need to buy vitamin supplements.

  10. Evette Says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot. About those double-blind studies (which I actually researched a bit) they don’t necessarily prove anything as its the mind that heals the body in some cases. Really its like religion, you have to believe in it for it to work. And if it works for someone why shouldn’t they be able to continue it. Its due to a lack of faith that people like you are forced onto legalized drugs your entire life.
    And I just re-read the above article again. Why do you ever have to manufacture any drug? Manufacturing is not necessary to make it affective. In fact, thats what gives pharmaceuticals their deadly side affects. Why does everyone want to rape nature with their insidious supposed-logic?

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      That’s why in trials results of the new drug are compared with results of current best treatment (or placebo if there is no current treatment) – to account for the effects of the mind on the body.

      And I’m not “forced onto legalised drugs”. What are you burbling about?

      Drugs are manufactured to produce standard doses. If you personally don’t want to take them when you are ill, then don’t. No-one is forcing you.

  11. Evette Says:

    But vitamins are the best way to make up for a lacking diet! I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t afford to be buying all the nutritional food I need (though I do try to make sure its natural food still). Are you going to say that vitamins haven’t been proven to exist, now?

    Then why have any kind of drugs if the mind can indeed heal the body or if it has any affect on the body to a degree that you can be healed that way. Doesn’t that render pharmaceuticals obsolete? I guess some people simply have no imagination or faith.

    For many years I’ve had horrible neck pains that no conventional doctor could seem to figure out. It was so bad that sometimes when I woke up I could barely move my neck (and at my age that shouldn’t be happening). Heck, it was even causing me migraines and so they put me on this generic brand for Elavil to relieve it. But I was having side affects and decided to try a supplement instead. I’ve been on Cod Liver Oil (fish oil is a good anti-inflammatory) for the last few weeks and absolutely no neck pain or migraines torture me anymore.

    Its amazing!

  12. jaycueaitch Says:

    No I am not saying vitamins do not exist. They exist in food. If you eat a decent varied diet you don’t need vitamin pills.

    I prefer evidence to imagination and faith when deciding what to put in my body.

  13. Evette Says:

    True, however most people simply do not eat good enough diets to get all the vitamins they need. Its not helped by the fact that the media encourages junkfood. What people like you don’t seem to understand is that almost all disease today are a nutritional deficiency. They are totally reversible and preventable through the taking of supplements.

    And I prefer to use faith rather than risk taking drugs that have inevitable side affects in my body. And to also stick to the most non-invasive methods of avoiding disease to begin with.

    And really thats my biggest issue with conventional medicine. Its like your sitting around waiting to get a disease.

    • throwaway Says:

      Doctors do constantly tell people to eat better and get more excercise. My step father was a family practice doctor, and in his experience most people are simply unwilling to do anything for themselves. They won’t quit smoking, or stop eating so much junk food. Doctors can’t make their patients take better care of their bodies. You can’t write a prescription for excercise. But people WILL take a pill to lower their blood pressure. I think most doctors wish there was no need to give people blood pressure medication or chemo for the smokers inevitable cancer, but until the average person starts taking responsibility for themselves their doctors have no choice but to do their best to keep them as healthy as they can.

  14. Malcolm Mowbray Says:

    Ad hominem arguments are not usually very productive, but it is noticeable that Fleur (in particular) is illiterate and, therefore, it must be difficult for her to understand rational argument.

  15. Fleur Says:

    Lighten up, Malcolm. I don’t need your approval for anything. You must be a very arrogant and self-possessed person. Maybe all you “rationals” are.

    You people all need to go do your homework as there are thousands of studies and articles out there proving that natural health works. Conventional medicine is based on the myth that synthetics are an improvement over nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. And eventually that misguided belief will destroy the world.

    Medicine based on personal experience is far more valuable than all that artificial junk coming out of the elitist intelligentsia laboratories. Quit encouraging people to kill themselves through toxic chemotherapy and useless fraudulent drugs. I thought modern science was supposed to be the light in the dark, but now its proving itself just as immoral as religion by letting people die while they scrutinize evidence all the while nature holds all the cures.

    So remember everyone: Stay away from the doctor and only use alternative medicine for a long and happy life! If not you’ll end up a mindless, brainwashed, and a mainstream idiot who calls people “illiterate” just because they write the truth. And you know what I say is true.

  16. Urtica Dioica Says:

    Unlike Physics for example, modern medicine is no science at all – at best an empirical exercise of social engineering, at worst, a pricy businessschool joke to entertain a toxic financial elite…
    And I’d rather trust the Vedic or Taoist traditions than the sponsored minions of the sickcare industry… And even less the vendors of “torture” machines like proton beams – I ignore it went so far!

    Secondly, statistics ARE ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD SCIENCE! This double blind trick is only a way to prudishly hide a profund ignorance about Life.
    Even genetics is a mere model far from rendering an accurate representation of Life.

    Thirdly, many have unfortunately forgotten the deadly hoax running from the XIXth or so. “Soon a cure will be found for such or such chronic condition… give your money to the “research”! “… Where are we nowadays? Chronic conditions skyrocket (and costs as well for the society). Modern technology doesn’t help much it seems.
    The laws of Nature haven’t change since a long time: what worked and had been carefully studied in the past millenia still works.
    What we do need is more serious research in traditions, ethnobotanics, etc than spending billions to feed the sickcare financial oligarchy…

    Beside, I may agree about a certain vitamin business taking the same course as the forementioned Big Pharma…
    Food + herbs / mushrooms, exercise and control of emotional issues (including greed btw) should suffice or at least go pretty far on the health road.

    Everything is a matter of *properly* educating people, first in what Science is.

    • Martin Says:

      What a load of rubbish. Where did Pharmas first develop medicines from? Food, herbs and mushrooms were probably their first sources. Then legislation came along to make the products better understood and safer (although not totally safe which is so far unattainable). All our knowledge is from how we model observed behaviour. We use models to give us an understanding of what we believe is happening but we never really know if that is exactly how something works. How do you know your mushrooms have any value. You observe what it does when ingested but you don’t know what is actually going on. It forms a model in your mind.

      Laws of Nature? What laws of nature. I don’t know what you are referring to but “nature” has lots of things that harm us and in the past often nothing worked and there was nothing studied that would help. Modern medicine is the product of work to understand nature and produce substances to stop or prevent that harm hence we live longer and healthier than our forebears. And yes I know what science is. Science is about finding and trying to understand reproducible behaviour so we can make models to explain it.

  17. Rain Jacket Says:

    you can say that alternative medicine is cheaper too and usually comes from natural sources .`~

  18. Gary Says:

    The truth is somewhere between the Big Pharma’s truths and Mike’s truth. Hard to accept, but so.

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